Without pausing on the keyboard, Gina replied. "I'm trying to make some money here. It's a webcam service and you've blown my reputation." Gina's face screwed up in disappointment. "It took weeks to build that reputation and now it's all blown. If I don't save what I can my rate goes way down," she said. "Why can't you just knock like normal moms."

Sophia watched as Gina typed. 'No, she'll be gone soon,' and 'hey, don't go,' and 'my pussy aches for you baby.'

Lines of reply came back, mostly laughing at Gina's expense. A single line seared into Sophia's consciousness, 'your mom's hot, I'll give you double to see her naked." Sophia's pussy glowed with sudden heat and flooded with wetness as her nipples hardened. Her throat went dry as her chest tightened. "Gina," she rasped, her throat dry.

"Mom, please."

For Sophia, some dam burst. Some boy, watching her daughter masturbate wanted to see Sophia naked. Her core flooded with heat as her pussy swelled and dripped. "Gina, I'll do it," She said.

"Mom," Gina whined as she typed. "Can't you see..."

"Gina," Sophia snapped. "Go tell bluballs557 that I'll do it. If he gives double, I'll get naked."

Gina paused. Then looked at the screen. Then typed, 'who wants to see my mom get naked in a private show?"

A flurry of text appeared. Perhaps a quarter of the users logged off but the rest were with her. Gina hit the private show button and the users greyed out coming back as they paid to enter the private show. She got twenty viewers, a great take. She turned the camera on her mother.